Abstract World

All it takes is one ball popping to make the whole map in Abstract World change dramatically. Can you manage this kind of interesting ball dropping and matching puzzle game that comes with a new kind of graphics? The gameplay of this Friv kid game consists of maneuvering two or more balls, each with its color and position. Your job is to brainstorm to come up with a path for them to fall right into their holes. The ball and the basket have to come in pairs as they have the same color.

The main theme is to help the two different balls to find their home amidst the different sets of items. For example, all you need to do is to pop one ball, and the ball sitting on the block above it will fall. By manipulating the balls, blocks, platforms, ropes, and spikes, you can make two main balls move as you desire. However, it requires a serious skill with special flexibility to control the items without making the ball crash or explode.

At friv game 2020, the best players shall be the ones who can overcome the most levels while keeping the record as the least wasted time. Can you write your name on the Leaderboard with such a record? Other amazingly designed arcade games such as Happy Glass Puzzles 2 and Tricky Taps will also spice up your playtime for sure!

How to play: Use the mouse to interact with the items in the game.