Abyssal Fish

The most terrifying creatures lurk beneath the waves. The darkness is complete, as is the silence. A terrifying abyss fish is looking for his next meal in these murky waters. You must lead him in the dark. Some bright fish will guide you, but you must memorize obstacles to survive. At Friv 4, control a terrifying abyssal fish and put your reflexes and memory to the test to see how far you can get in this completely new gaming experience. Push yourself to the limit. Make the all-time high score. Abyssal Fish is a game that will transport you to places no one has gone before. Its graphisms will take your breath away.

When you live at the bottom of the sea, you quickly become hungry. It is time to go hunting. Unfortunately, because you're big and ugly, small fish try to flee. You must catch and consume them. It's not easy because you have to avoid many obstacles. Much fun!

The game has a lot of things to explore. Invite friends to join the game. Eye-catching graphics, interesting gameplay. If you love this game, you can join some other games like Ladder Race Climber