Air Force Attack

Air Force Attack is another fun-addicting free online game that you can play here on Friv 5. During the game, you will need to take part in large air battles on the side of one of the countries that is fighting against the neighbor of the aggressor. Destroy enemy aircraft, gather supplies, first-aid kits and fuel in an endless battle mode! In this game, the degree of difficulty gradually increases, and the game is ideal for mobile devices.

Fight your way through dozens of enemies including airplanes, ships tanks artillery and many more. Upgrade your vehicles to destroy your enemies and withstand the enemy's non-stopping fire. Develop your evading skills in order to advance through enemy lines.

Why not recommend this game to your friends and invite your friends to join the game today so you can enjoy it in an exciting match. It would be great if you could challenge yourself to some other interesting shooting game types like NERF Epic Pranks at