Amazing Sheriff

Amazing Sheriff is a skill-based arcade game that you can play here on Friv 4. You take control of the local law enforcer – sheriff. The town has new faces… alien faces… and they need to know the law! The game is an endless distance arcade game where your goal is to jump from one rotating platform to another while collecting as many items as you can and breaking as many baddies while at it. Remember to use the double jump function as it can save your life against jump fails. Have fun!

Join the Sheriff as he enforces the law against the alien visitors while he jumps from place to place in this fun arcade game – Amazing Sheriff! Collect coins, bottles, and stars as you time your jumps to land on the next rotating platform!

Freedom to enjoy wonderful moments when it comes to challenges. You won't have to play this game by yourself when introducing your friends, but your friends are joining right now into the game to have a chance to experience the brain in a new jigsaw challenge best. Don't forget to allow yourself from the name and a few other similar fun games  Disk Rush at


Mouse to navigate

Space bar to jump