Among Shooter Imposter Online

Whoever uses Among to strike the most targets in 30 seconds wins. Utilizing the mouse, aim and fire your weapon. The fruits coming from the right and left must be struck. While doing this, you will accrue points. In Among Shooter Kill Impostor, how long will you last? This first-person shooter game pits you against an army of ruthless aliens!

Your spacecraft has been attacked by an extraterrestrial invasion force known only as the Impostors. Make sure that as many of them as possible don't return to their home planets because there's a significant risk that you'll never make it back there! In this insane 3D action game, engage them with anything from grenades to machine guns.
The game is very interesting, it will forge your ability to concentrate, move quickly and be very attractive. Will you do well on that task? We will play together and have a lot of fun. If you love this game, you can play some other games similar to Blocky Parrot, Ball 2048.

Games control: Aim and shoot: Mouse