Animal Kingdom Match 3

Matching games like Animal Kingdom Match 3 from the online collection at Friv 2019 will always be one of the to-go selections for kids of all ages! Let's learn all about the animal kingdom using the loveliest icons! The game comes with the highlight features of an interesting match 3 games.

Your job will be to choose the appropriate icon to move vertically or horizontally. An efficient move should create a line of three or more icons. Remember that only the same icons can form a successful line. The control keys are pretty easy for kids of all ages, however, it's the continuous pop-up of icons that makes the game more challenging. If you fail to remove the lines, there will be no space left for new icons.

Can you see the red bar on the right side of the screen? This represents your energy level in this game at Whenever you stop making new lines, the bar will decrease a little bit. We recommend that you should constantly match lines to fill in the bar. There is a Leaderboard that presents the name of the best players with the highest scores here. Do your best and your name might pop up on the top spots of the board! The highlight of this kid game must be the adorable set of animal icons and the colorful design of it. You can gather some friends to share the challenges of more puzzle games like Collestar and Honeybee Dice Race

Controls: Move the icons using the mouse.