Baby Taylor In The Airport

Baby Taylor In The Airport is a beautiful dressing game designed for girls which is playable on Friv4school. Baby Taylor and her parents will take a vacation today, wake up her and help her to prepare for this important day! This is the first time that baby Taylor goes to the airport, teach her what she should do in this place and calm her down. Enjoy this vacation with them!

So first of all you actually get to wake up baby Taylor , than you get to dress her up and don't forget that she is going on a trip with her parents so she wants a cute holiday outfit. Than you also get to help her with all kind of preparations,like you need to do her bag and she is also going to tell you what she wants to take with herself on the holiday so you just have to pay attention to that and look through her home and click on the objects, like clothes and things like that, that she wants in her luggage.

Such an entertaining game must be shared with your closest friends to make the playtime better! Explore the world of free games with the most famous selections such as Baby Taylor Little Gardener later!