Back To Candyland Episode 4

Welcome back to our lollipop garden! In the fourth version of Back To Candyland Episode 4, Friv land brings a brand new journey for the fans of the series. You will continue collecting the delicious candies from the grid as this is an addictive matching game for kids of all ages. During each level, there are several jellies that you need to gain so that you can pass and unlock the next level.

The tough part is that the game allows a limited number of moves per level only. Use those moves wisely to take in as many candies as possible. There is also a limit on the time that you need to pay attention to. If there is a line or a group of more than 3 candies, you can choose it to collect. Only the group of the same candies can be attained. To find a set of three or more adjacent same jellies quickly, we recommend that you take a close observation at the grid. How many candies will disappear thanks to your skills?

At gogy school Games for kids, there is a whole system for tracking, keeping progress that makes your next turn even better! The world of different types of candies await you and your friends, don't miss out on this lovely and sweet game! Other girl games with fabulous graphics and fun gameplay can be found on our website such as Cartoon Candy Match3 and Galactic Gems 2

Controls: Use the mouse cursor to choose the candies.