Basketball Arcade

Basketball Arcade is the sports arcade game which is playable on friv games 2020. Start by selecting your favorite team and making shots before the time runs out. Make as many as you can to get a high score that you can be proud of. 

Here at, there are 20 balls to shoot and a limited time frame in which you must try to successfully make all of the shots. There are in-game bonuses to help improve your score 2 and 3 consecutive shots give you extra points and the awesome fireball. Have fun!

Many players have saved this game to the list of fighting games and other similar games like Tap-Tap Shots and Basketball School. Discover if you have free time and want to finish into it.


Use the WASD or Arrow keys to control the character's movement

F to Lock cursor

Esc to Unlock cursor

Left click  to Shoot

O to Options



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