Bikes Hill

Do you enjoy discovering the wide range of maps in the sports bike simulation challenge games? If you do, Bikes Hill will be a great gaming selection as it's created for the daredevils. For each level track, prepare yourself to go up against lots of obstacles while moving up a continuous hill. To prepare yourself and the proper equipment before taking part in any stage, first, visit the main collection of bikes and characters at friv for free and choose your favorites.

As you are ready to start the race, make sure to become successful in conquering two goals of keeping the bike balanced and collecting the necessary boosters. Keep an eye out for health boosters and bonuses that will be helpful in getting you further on the journey. The more you manage to gather, the more chances of surviving you will get. Keep in mind that the other players also have a great range of equipment to add to their individual bike, so be well prepared to be the best.

There is a Leaderboard at that you can check your spot and scores as well. As you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock more and more special tracks with different features. Other games like Parking Toy Story  and Fast Madness will keep you entertained for hours if this is your cup of tea!


Click and hold the screen to control the movements of the bike.