Boom Room

Boom Room is an evasive arcade jumping game made up of 2D space game art animation which is playable on friv Games online free. Gathering and avoiding bombs is handled for you while jumping and running. Boom Room 1 needs you to get higher scores!

You are an alien stuck in a room with a bomb throwing device which throws a bouncing bomb every few seconds! These bombs will explode if you touch them or after a few seconds. Your goal is to survive in this room as long as you can! But note that you should collect the diamonds that appear in the air if you want to score higher.

With cute animations and awesome music, this game is fun and enjoyable for all ages, especially children. Play as many times as you want and enjoy other choices available for free on They are different in gameplay but surely give you tons of fun. Here are 2 of the best games that you should take a look at first Poly Art 3D and Monster Jump 


Left and Right Arrow keys to move

Up arrow to jump