Bouncing Strawberry

Bouncing Strawberry from Friv kid games 2019 will bring you a lovely experience while enjoying colorful and fun gameplay. This is an addictive game with the special theme of jumping arcade style that is suitable not only for kids but adults as well. The task assigned to you is very simple yet it's not easy to execute it well. You will control your little strawberry on the journey to reach the furthest checkpoint. Since it's an endless game, the game only ends when the strawberry is poked by the spikes. By interacting with the game, the players can make it jump over the obstacles. If you click or touch many times, the strawberry will bounce higher. Choose the best height and best timing to jump through the deadly spikes. When you progress in this game, there will be more than just spikes waiting for you ahead.

The density of the swords and spikes will also increase to create more challenging levels later in this game at Games friv online All in all, it's rated as one of the funniest games which can help you relax and have an enjoyable time. Don't let go of this chance to play it for free alongside other gaming options such as Happy Alien Jump and Bucket Ball

 Let's show the world your top scores by joining the journey with this cute strawberry right now!

How to play: Click or touch the screen to make the strawberry bounce up.