Bridge Run

Hello and welcome to the Bridge Run game at Friv 4. The more bricks you collect and the faster you build a bridge for yourself, the faster you will win the Bridge Race game. Keep in your lane or your enemies will cause you to lose. Enemies: There are several enemies in the bridge race game, each with a different bridge color, while you have your own bridge and bricks to build with.

Just Collect all the bricks that match your body color and, most importantly, stay on your stairs or your enemies will disturb you on theirs. This game is similar to a Stairs Race game or a Stairs Bridge Builder game. This game is similar to the ladder game, and I enjoy playing it in my spare time because I enjoy the ladder game. This game is not like any other ladder game; it is called Mommy Legs Ridge Racer. It is a completely free game to play. If you want to win the stairs race game, collect all the bricks and build a bridge as quickly as you can.

Obstacles: There is a level base ridge racer game, there are other levels stairs race stages where you can fall in the water, and there are other obstacles that will cause you to lose, staking race is similar to that ridge runner game. This game has the following features: More The faster you collect bricks, the faster you can build the ladder, stairs, and bridge. Avoid all obstacles that will cause you to fail. Collect Bricks that match the color of your body. Maintain your Ladder. Do not use enemy stairs to create your lane. So, if you enjoy this game, please leave a review.

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Only mouse



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