Candy Breaker

Candy Breaker is a game of cinderblock busting which is playable on Friv 4. To start moving the platform, use the bottom of the screen. Continue letting the ball fall to the bottom of the screen. It's a game that requires you to severely damage all of the bricks. The classic concrete block game. Use the paddle to maintain control over the ball and hit the bricks. Your mission is to attack the damaged or broken bricks with the ball and consider removing them all. A few more bricks enable more than one hit. Have fun!

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Keep the ball in the screen by using the platform. By hitting the bricks with the ball, you can break them all (or a relevant power-up). Controls for the game: - To move the paddle, slide it across the screen. - To launch the ball, tap the screen. - To pause, press the 'Menu' button.