Chasing Car Demolition Crash

Fasten your seatbelt for the brand new demolition chase that is exclusively designed for cars lovers in this automatic platform at Friv racing games! All drivers will take part in a competition to find out which driver is the best. Your job is to crash other cars moving beside yours to complete the current level.

On each level, it's important to pay attention to the specific requirements. This is one of the most challenging games due to a large number of AI cars that work as your opponents. First, the players will use their coins to pick out the car from the store at free online friv Games Pick one car which suits you the best using the available features. Each car has its unique handling and top speed range. Choosing a suitable model will give you an advantage during the real races.

Moreover, you can come back to the store to purchase better engine updates or buy a brand new sports car! While moving on the 3D platform, pay attention to the floating icons. These can be the gas tank, energy bar or bonus to keep you going in the game. Don't miss out on any floating icon! Instead of attacking from behind, pushing your opponents from their sides will secure your car's condition. The method also works great on the car that is located near the edge of the road. Let's find out how many races you can win in other games like Impossible Stunt Tracks and Lambo Drifter 3 !

How to play: Drive using the arrow keys.