Cheat Death

Have you ever tried any game with the task of road-building? This game sub-genre has become more popular at Friv 2019 recently, and one of the most recommended choices must be Cheat Death! Not only is this a puzzle game with unique road-building tasks but it also resembles the classic Tetris game.

The blocks and pieces used as the stepstones for the road have the shape of Tetris pieces, which makes it easier to put into the grid. To save the main character from death, you need to build the bridge connecting his standing point and the potion location. There will be all necessary pieces given to you on the game screen, however, each of them is placed in a different position. It's up to you to drag and bring the pieces down the right place one by one. You are required to use these different shapes blocks efficiently to fill in the blank slot and to build the safest road.

If you forget any piece or put it in the wrong place, the character will not move. Due to the difference in shapes and sizes, sometimes, you need to think carefully to choose the right piece to move first. The order of movements will be crucial as well. The clock is ticking fast in this game at free online friv Games . Will you make the road in time to save the guy? After having mastered this game, let's move onto the next destinations with more cool games like Bricks Breaking and Squares Challenge !

How to play: Use the mouse to move and place the pieces.