City Of Gang Street Fighting

City Of Gang Street Fighting is recommended as a street fighting adventure game which is playable on friv adventure games. It is managed for you to strike down the person who is trying to attack and obstruct your path. Show them no mercy with your fist and legs attacking. Glad you will enjoy City Of Gang Street Fighting!

Don’t underestimate them though! They are powerful street fighters. You are given many different defenses and attack techniques to help you like punching, kicking, catching, throwing, and dodge. It’s up to you to punch, kick, smash and knock them all out. Rage is on! Stick to your guns and prepare for a ruthless battle in city mayhem.

At, you must be a superhero to get back your orange juice against bad guys like prisoner, gangster and mafia in this amazing game. You will survive in this battle and become a champion. With this real fighting experience, you will be surprised. 3D animation graphics make you feel like inside the game. Street fight will be your best game between all the fighting games and unlimited action will surround you.

In addition, you can hardly miss countless favorite games to relax similar to this game like Happy Wheels and Night Terror - The School. Learn by playing today, you can join family and perfection. 


Use the Arrow keys to move

Z to punch

X to kick

C to block

V to grab