Clown Horror Nights

Welcome to Clown Horror Nights terrifying endurance game, which will as a great deal of tolerance and focus from you. Bazaar organization searching for safety officer to work the night shift. Hello Killer Clown, would you say you are intrigued? What could turn out badly, isn't that so? Simply sit, hold on until the sun rises and never, never run out of energy.

At Friv 4, you found another a line of work in a bazaar and you need to work 7 night shifts. Your errand is to not see anything unusual occurring. Yet, eventually, you will without a doubt see the insane jokester. This is a repulsiveness game and you must watch out. Those of you who have previously played Five Nights At Freddy's will know what's going on with this and what your should do. Much fun!

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Use the mouse