Welcome to this new fantasy journey across the universe at Friv land! To gain the top title of the best collector in the universe filled with stars, it's time for you to launch the collection campaign. What will you gather? The Collestar of course! Your only equipment for collecting is a pair of planes that can move freely in space. Not only will you need to reach the destination of the stars and gather them but you also have to pay attention to the dangerous objects moving around this place.

Since you will have to fly your spaceship further and further to find new stars, it's possible that you will be affected by the attack waves of steroids and missiles as well. To dismiss them, simple touching or clicking them before any of them reach your plane. Keep your planes safe and intact from any attacks of rockets and asteroids.

While floating around, try to grab the Time Pack, Bonus life and Divine guard, which are three valuable power-ups are there to help you survive the game at Your plane can't fly forever due to the lack of energy, therefore, check the status of the left-over gas from time to time to guarantee the energy level. Will you be able to have the most stars? Feel free to check out some new journey and explore new worlds with the other games like Guess Animal Names and Honeybee Dice Race!


Click or tap on the mobile screen to launch the helicopter. Click or tap on asteroids and missiles to destroy them.