Crazy Rushing Ball

Crazy Rushing Ball is a great combination of racing game and endless runner game gives you a refresh gaming experience. This game focuses on the speed, your skill, and your hand-eye coordination. Here at play friv , you will guide a ball towards a never-ending track without crashing into any obstacles along the way. You will race against other racers but whether you lose or win over them, it’s ok. Your main goal is still to stay alive as long as you can instead of being No.1. You can’t control the speed. You just have a right to change the lane to avoid obstacles and collect power-ups as well as coins on the way.

There are speed triggers on the way that make you speed up and earn extra score. You can take advantage of speed to knock your opponents off the track or even destroy those obstacles to open your way. On friv unblocked, when you get a certain achievement, you will unlock a new skin for your ball. These skins aren’t different from each other in skill or special features. They just make your ball stand out and give you a little different experience each game. The high speed brings you some advantages and disadvantages too. Since you can’t control the speed, you are easy to fall off the way and unable to avoid hitting the obstacles before it’s too late.

So, you may have to play several times to get familiar with the gameplay and improve your score. This game is fun and addicting. You won’t regret when spending time playing. Have fun and enjoy more games on our site. Some of the most awesome options for you are Stack Crash Ball and Amazing Park Reckless Roller Coaster 2019 and Tornado .io

Controls: Control your ball with the mouse.