Extreme Master Archer

Test your eyesight with Extreme Master Archer, the new gaming selection from Friv land for kids of all ages! This is an archery arcade game with many challenges and twists to enjoy in your playtime. The main gameplay involves using your shooting skills to control the virtual bow and arrow. First, take your pick among two options for game mode: the bird hunting one and the battle. In the first choice, the players will have fun trying to hunt the flying birds on the field, while in the latter, the players will challenge another archer or go head to head in teams. Whichever you choose, try your best to meet the goal of defeating the required number of birds or enemies.

It's very easy to control the movement of the tools. All you have to do is to choose a suitable direction, drag the mouse and aim carefully, then release it! The arrows will be shot to the right dimension as a tool to shoot down birds or enemies. One of the most crucial parts of the game is to learn how to aim correctly using all the available statistics and tools as the assistants. Once you have gotten the gist of the game at friv Games 2020 , it's time to strive for the top scores at the Leaderboard! Come and take a shot at other items in the fun games such as Elite Archery and Flap Up  !

Controls: Drag and release the mouse cursor to shoot.