Fast Lane Racing

Race against other cars. Tap to switch lanes. Don't crash into other cars! Keep on your toes and be prepared to switch lanes quickly in this fastlane game. 

In Fast Lane racing at Friv 2020, drivers are rated separately for qualifying and racing, giving you an extremely accurate picture of each and every driver. To further enhance the realism, each driver is rated for the various track types run in the open wheel series. Drivers are also rated for their ability to lead laps, how they perform during pit stops, and tendency to avoid mechanical failures. You truly get an accurate representation of each driver.


- Endless gameplay 

- Urban hip hop racing theme

- Extremely simple controls 

- Simple, linear high score system Fans of racing and driving games will love this.

Remember to share this game with your friends. Together with your friends begin the challenge of the game to be able to experience extremely stressful escape. Why don't you challenge yourself to a few other similar games like City Car Stunt 3 at 


Switch lanes and move fast!