How long can you click to push the FingerBall at Friv land? This is a very simple yet challenging game. The players will try to control the smiley ball with your finger only. The creators of this game add only the basic rule and feature to make it very easy to grasp yet addictive to enjoy during a long time.

By clicking on the ball, you can make it bounce up and down the fluffy mat underneath. For each level, there will be different tasks that you are required to complete. The higher you bounce, the more coins you get. Only by completing these objectives will you be able to move onto the next one. Of course, the objectives during each stage will vary depending on the difficulty level. For some stages, all you have to do is to bounce for a certain number of times, while for others, you have to gather the necessary items on air.

A tip for the beginners is that waiting for the ball in a specific spot will be easier than following it around. By doing so, you can control the bouncing level of it as well. It's fun to keep pushing the bouncy smiley-face ball at! With the simple mouse movement and the vibrant design, kids of all ages can enjoy this game. We have tons of other amazingly designed games for free like Fidget Spinner and Ragdoll Course for later exploration.

How to play: Click to control the ball.