Flower Saga

Do you like arcade games like Candy Crush Saga? If those games are your favorites, we have another cool one for you called Flower Saga from Friv online 2019! This is a recently added arcade game that is perfect for killing off some spare time alone. The main theme of the game is to harvest all these pretty flowers from the garden. As the flower fairy, you need to make them bloom first. There is a limited number of suns or steps for each level.

Your job is to make sure that all the flowers will bloom. The more flowers you manage to harvest, the higher your star rating will be. As long as you manage to reach the checkpoint, you can unlock the next level. It's a special kind of matching arcade game that requires your thinking ability to take advantage of the limited steps. Different flowers with different colors will require a different number of suns to remove. For example, you need two suns to remove the green flowers, while it only takes one for the yellow ones to fully bloom.

After the flowers bloom, they will shoot more suns towards two nearest flowers to them horizontally and vertically. Make use of these to optimize your steps per level. The ultimate goal here at... is to gather the highest scores possible and write your name on the Leaderboard! You can have a blast with more puzzles and quizzes such as Pizza Ninja 3 and Ice Cream Cone Maker from our website as well.

Instructions: Click on the flower to make it bloom.