Food Venture Master

Food Venture Master at Frivschool is one more internet and network standby marketing game that encompasses french restaurant factors. You would therefore interact with someone surroundings, all of them, looking to start with a lemonade stand, which is the simplest way to start with, trying to sell lemonade, taking cash, and then using it to revamp the food stall and the various statistics covering it.

As nothing more than a result, you will incrementally generate more revenue, and in addition towards the lemonade stand, you will eventually open other types of businesses which also generate additional revenue. Similar to in real life, the top is where individuals want to be, so put forth every effort as you can to generate as much money as you can, even though it is virtual!

We also suggest some similar games that you can save to your favorite game list to relax when you have free time like Pendula. What are you waiting for? Don't forget to unlock the levels today.

Controls: Mouse



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