Frenzy Chicken Shooter 3D

Frenzy Chicken Shooter 3D at Friv gun games is all about the chicken hunt of the chicken hunter. This gun game has different chicken hunt levels where each chicken hunt level has a set chicken shooting mission for you. In order to achieve your objective of chicken shooting you just have to do pistol shooting to hunt chickens in this gun game.

Enjoys your forest hunting journey our developer tried to provide you best possible off-road gameplay with multiple features. Real shooting experts Game is what you needed in the practical lifelike lion shoot, tiger shoot and many more. We know you played rarely ever farming games that has chickens but this is most addicted and enjoyable you will forget the first played every hunting game. The most amazing and best hunting controller game will enjoy you and take to the best wilderness environment what you like and this chicken simulator is the most wanted

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Mouse movement - Player Rotate Left Mouse click - Fire Mouse Scroll - Weapon Change Right Mouse Click - Zoom in/out