Frogie Cross The Road

Frogie Cross The Road is one of very few 2 player games with a cross-the-road game format, which is a popular feature and has been around for a while, but usually, you could very well play only by yourself, and we are confident that the added element of competition will be much to your liking, and you will not be bored in the least!

Join Froggy at Friv 4 school and his friends on a perilous mission to cross the road from a terrible gaseous plage that surrounds their natural habitat. You can play a game alone or with a friend by selecting "1 Player" or "2 Player." Have a good time!

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When playing as a single player, use the ARROW KEYS. If there are two players, Player 1 uses WASD and Player 2 uses ARROW KEYS. This game is playable on mobile devices.