Goldie Sauna Flirting

Rapunzel and Flinn are back in a new fun game that you can play for free anytime in the browser or mobile devices. Goldie Sauna Flirting is an enjoyable game at friv Games in which you will be able to have a great time with Rapunzel and Flinn – 2 main characters from one of the most favorite movies of Disney. What would Rapunzel and Flinn do? They are going to have a date at the sauna.

This place can be a great choice to date since they can have a talk and pamper themselves here. It seems they live a new life after coming out of the sauna. Hot temperature makes them sweat and sweating has long been used as a therapy makes them feel healthy. Nows, let’s talk about your mission. You have to help them have the best date ever here, from preparing before going to the sauna room to dressing up. Each activity is guided in great detail. You just need to follow the instructions to complete each step.

On friv play Games, before going to the sauna, Rapunzel needs to shower, shave armpits and change clothes. In the sauna room, you prepare essential oils, pour water on stones and wipe their sweat. Besides, you also need to help them show affection to each other with some special actions. It means they can flirt in the sauna to show their love. Finally, you finish your mission by changing the clothing of Rapunzel. They have fun, what about you? Make sure you discover more games available on our site. There are so many interesting games here Jack Propose Marriage Elsa  and Emily's New Beginning are just 2 of them.

Controls: Use your mouse.