Guard The Island

Start with a little craft island, then explore and expand the game's incredible globe. The island contains everything you need to establish a city, so do your research there. Discover and gather special resources. Build shelters, mine gold and stone, and cut wood in the game. As many sophisticated materials as you can must be crafted in order to construct your metropolis. Improve your mining and crafting abilities to mine materials more quickly for your crafting world by exploring the island to uncover resource deposits. Build the largest empire possible on the island by hiring idle miners and lumberjacks. On one island, you can't merely establish a huge empire. Far greater than you realize, the game is. In idle building games, you may extend your dominion, explore new regions, and rule the planet. Create tools, add new team members, and construct homes anywhere in the game environment.

In addition, you can also spend your free time participating in driving games with other content such as What a Leg, Blocky Parrot.

Instructions: To control the movement of the characters, move the screen left and right. Characters will automatically gather resources when they are near them.