Happy Alien Jump

Happy Alien Jump is a simple jumping arcade game from Friv land that will help you and your friends have a blast! You will grasp the rules of it in no time thanks to the easy gameplay. The game is designed for kids of all ages with cute characters and vibrant colors. However, it's not easy to master the gameplay with high scores. Some cute little aliens want to jump to the highest place using these stairs. There are stairs with golden stars and ones with spikes. The stars will help increase your total scores, while the spikes push the aliens down. Your job is to guide him and choose from two directions to jump on the next stairs safely.

It's an endless game at friv 2020 that you can play forever without any cost! The control is also very simple. Just move your mouse to control an alien. Before you start any level, you can choose the alien that you like from the list of available models. You can also change whenever you like! Make sure that you keep the aliens safe while successfully jump from one platform to another. Since there are so many levels with different types of challenges, you will have to adjust the speed and the movement of characters depending on the placements of the spikes. Don't be afraid to fall! Come to our website for more good games from the same category like Orc Ball and Little Dino Adventure Returns and !

Controls: Use the arrows or WASD to control the direction.



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