Happy Glass Puzzles 2

New obstacles and thinner glasses make overcoming the challenges in Happy Glass Puzzles 2 free game at Friv land much harder. If you enjoyed the first version, this second installment of the game will guarantee more fun features. The gameplay of this game remains unchanged. The players will have to unlock the levels one by one by completing the missions from the previous ones. Due to the game being a puzzle game, only when you finish one level can you move on to the next. The task is to pour the exact required amount of liquid into the glass. Since the glass is placed over some items, you need to be extremely careful to avoid spilling any drop of water.

Time is also an important element in this game at frivGames 2020 since you only have a limited time range for each level. It's crucial to pour the liquid slowly since an empty glass will tip over easily. The more levels you unlock, the better cup decorations, layers, skins, and unique watercolors will be given to you as rewards. If you are a beginner, pick the simple game mode to start lightly. Challenge yourself with the hardest mode if you're an advanced player in such game. When you reach higher levels, you will have to deal with obstacles which prevent the water from falling into the cup as well. Let's show the best scores you can gain with other puzzles and quizzes in games like Cargo Bridge and Liquid 2

How to play: Hold and release to pour the water.