Happy Kids Jigsaw Puzzle

Friv land welcomes the little players to this new typical jigsaw puzzle game that will help with the imagination called Happy Kids Jigsaw Puzzle online! This has the same rules as the ordinary jigsaws that kids love in real life, but with more choices of cute animals! Alongside the excellent game art animation, this game also adds extra features and twists to make the virtual version more fun.

You can choose from a total of 6 modes, each with different difficulty level and size. Go with a simple giraffe pic that comes in 2x2 size if you are a newbie. However, feel free to take the challenge up a notch with 4x6 or 3x6 size, which is bigger and harder to solve. This game has all kinds of cute images of a variety of animals. The kids will get to learn about common animals like panda, giraffe, crocodile, lion, elephant, turtle, zebra and so on. It's one of the virtual ways to help your children learn knowledge easier with relaxing way and make the studying time interesting.

At friv Games to play, the jigsaw pieces appear in a limited number. Only when you manage to put the existed pieces into their places will new ones appear. This gives the game more challenging gameplay so put your jigsaw skills to test! Don't miss out on any pieces or else the whole picture will not be completed. Keep spreading your creativity and imagination with more kid games such as Unpuzzle and Squares Challenge

 Instructions: Use the mouse to choose and move the pieces.