Hyper Drift!

Every car race has a winning strategy and may contain some antics, but the main goal is to have fun. Drift farther than you can go to win the race. Inform the Finish Line of your identity. "Hyper Drift" is the finest racing and drifting game of the winter season, so get ready to hit the road! As you compete to clear the snow-covered roads, this game's fast-paced action, thrilling drifting mechanics, and breathtaking visuals are guaranteed to have you on the tip of your seat.
You'll need to use your driving prowess in "Hyper Drift" to maneuver your vehicle across the icy landscape and clear the winning path. You'll gain points for each successful drift that will allow you to go on to the next level and unlock new vehicles and improvements that will help you stay one step ahead of the competition. But be aware of roadblocks and other motorists who could be attempting to slow you down! If you want to reach the finish line and take the victory, you must remain calm and focused. So why are you still waiting? "Hyper Drift" is the best winter racing and drifting game, so get in the driver's seat and tackle the snowy roads!

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Instructions: Use the Let Mouse Button or Space Key TO Drift.