Knife Throw

How would you contemplate knives to be cool? Then try and throw it at your beautiful assistant in Knife Throw at Friv 4 school games, a competence challenge! To collect a large number of points, attempt to launch the knives in to four main spots.

Knife Throw is a competence challenging experience in which your main objective is to knock the knives as close to your associate as feasible without hitting her. However, the challenge doesn't somehow end there! Your lovely intern has been chained to a steering shaft in this game! To hurl a knife, use the mouse to aim but instead left click. You have 20 knives in total, but your supervisor can only consider taking so much. Keep attempting not to brutally murder your assistant or the game will be over.

It is the game that many players around the world discover and relax after every working hour like Extreme Pixel Gun Apocalypse 3. Your choice is always respected. 

Controls: Swipe to throw



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