Let Me Grow

Let Me Grow is a cute puzzle game about tending to your garden which is playable on friv games for kids. You’re not the only one with parched lips, friend. In Let Me Grow, these pretty flowers are in need of water so that they can grow big and strong! This is one of our favorite games for a relaxing afternoon of puzzles. Remove the bricks blocking the water, and use valves to control the flow so that every flower on the screen gets water. Once everyone has had a drink, you win!

It’s a piece of cake at first, but once you start throwing in lawn gnomes that hate water, four or five flowers in different areas and different valves, things can get really complicated! Remember, everyone needs a drink, so as the levels get tougher, you will have to get more creative. Thankfully, we have several pro tips to help you bring fresh water to everyone who wants it while keeping it away from those who don’t (looking at you, gnomes). 

Before you even make a move, just take a look at where all the flowers and gnomes are. Plan out each step before you start, or you might be hitting the restart button. Say to yourself, “If I remove this brick, then the water will go here, and then I can turn this valve…” and so on. If you just act on impulse from the very beginning, you might do something that can’t be undone. 

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Use the mouse to interact