Lof Parking

With the tough yet exciting challenges at Lof Parking that has just been added to Friv free games, the players get to learn how to drive the car towards any asked parking slot. It's a good game that simulates the process of parking and teaches you how to reverse into the parking lot with the proper skills. There will be many stages, each with a specific slot.

The slots on higher levels will be smaller and harder to get into, which means that the difficulty level increases slowly throughout the game. It's best to avoid any collision or crashing against other cars or walls since it damages your car and decreases your scores.

There is a total of 5 chances per level for each player. If you fail to complete the task within the limited chances, you will have to start over again. A chance is deduced whenever you make the mistake of crashing. A tip is to use the surrounding barriers that are located around each parking slot to estimate the path. Can you conquer all 10 challenging levels in this game at https://friv4school2020.net/?

Your estimation skills and precision in parking will change after this intense training session with the best graphics and top-down point of view. Steering and backing skills of yours will improve for sure. Try your best to unlock all the fancy cars from the store using the scores! Are you ready for other thrilling car games such as Impossible Stunt Tracks and Block Tech: Epic Sandbox?


Use the arrow keys or tap on the mobile screen to drive the car.