Make 5

Another puzzle game is here to spice up your playtime for free! We need the smartest players to conquer this Friv new game, Make 5 and generate a block with number 5. Not only is a cool puzzle game for kids of all ages but it can also be played on a 2D platform. The graphics and designs are vibrant and vivid with the intense colors to help the kids distinguish the numbers and think faster.

The job is to place three blocks with the same number and color next to each other in order to merge them. They can be combined if they are placed horizontally, vertically or both. From block with number 1 to 5, you will have to slowly merge and create the number of combinations to generate the last block that you desire. The blocks provided for you to put onto the board will show up one by one. The players can choose to rotate them to place them on the board easier. The Leaderboard of this game at friv game 2020 has been filled with the top scores from our lovely players.

Would you like to try it out and see which spot you can rank? The main rule is easy to understand yet the overall gameplay is hard to master. If you place the blocks too far away from the cluster, it will be harder to merge the large number later. Be smart to conquer more puzzle games such as Squares Challenge and Remove FRFR as well!

Controls: Move the numbers with the mouse.