Nugget Royale

80 chickens compete to be the last one standing on an unstable disk suspended above a gruesome grinder. The disk's final player will not be turned into a chicken nugget. The player has a few moves that can be used to survive the race, including walking, sprinting, jumping, and dashing. The leaderboard's top player receives the crown, making him or her the ultimate nugget master and king of the chickens. Earn nuggets to unlock new hats such as a visor cap, ketchup cap, deep fry basket, and drinking lid. Gather all of the hats!

Players who consume the most corn grow the largest and have an easier time pushing other disk chickens. You begin the game at the smallest size, but you do have some jumping advantages. Eat corn, dash other players, stay on the disk's highest point, and have fun. Play now! The game is multiplayer online, but it can also be played locally with up to four players on one computer.

Nugget Royale at Friv 4 is a true battle royale game in which you must become the last chicken standing! You're on your way to your destination, but there's only one way out: push all the other chickens aside so you don't end up in the machine. Remember that only one chick survives, so you must push the others down... Nugget Royale, also known as, pits you against 80 other online competitors in an arena. Have a good time!

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Use the WASD to move around

The Space to jump