Oddbods Ice Cream Fight

Have a blast in the most intense food fight in Oddbods Ice Cream Fight online game that is available for all kids at frivGames 2020 ! This is your chance to freely throw delicious ice cream at the little monsters to defeat them before they even get a chance to throw the food back. Each side has its limited number of icecream cones, so the precision in aiming and shooting is necessary to win. Your opponents will be the family of Oddbods.

These creatures are smart as they can duck, run left and right, pop up out of nowhere to attack you. You will have to aim at them with your icecream collection. Aim precisely with an estimation of time to defeat the most monsters. From the easiest levels to the harder ones, you will go up against the members of Oddbods like Fuse, Bubbles, Pogo, Zee, Slick, Jeff, and Newt. Keep in mind that Fuse will only show up when you reach the boss level since he is one tough opponent to crack. You can enjoy the cutest music background during the playtime at free online friv Games

Delicious icecreams flying around, vibrant graphics and the colorful design make this game a perfect choice for little kids. The challenges get harder since the Oddbods get smarter and faster over time, but it will guarantee the fun experience! Dodge all kinds of bullets in other games like Monster Clicker and Idle Tree

Instructions: Use the mouse to throw the ice-cream.