Orc Ball

 Let's show the best of your navigating and directing skill with Orc Ball, the new Friv arcade game. It's one of the highest-rated game with 3D game art animation and incredibly interesting missions. Your main mission is to collect valuable objects like purple diamonds. These diamonds are scattered all over the place along your path. Just pay attention, turn your direction a little bit and you will be able to collect them.

There will be some magnets that can be helpful tools for the players. They will suck the diamonds toward your direction so that you don't have to change the route. However, remember that you should pay attention so as not to fall down the rear of the road. If you do fail, the game will end immediately, which means that your scores will not be recorded. Also, try to go away from the starting point.

Reaching the furthest checkpoint is the second goal of this game at friv 4 It's best to notice the location of the slope to take advantage of it cleverly. Using gravity and physics laws, you can make the ball fly high and pass the platforms. Your scores will be calculated based on the road and the items that you manage to collect. You don't have to worry about the ball's movement since it moves automatically. Don't miss out on other equally fun games such as Steep and Mr. Miner!

How to play: Use the arrows to change the direction.