Pack Master

How good is your packing skills? Challenge yourself with the list of tough missions from Pack Master, an object loading game which has just been added to Friv puzzle games. More than just an ordinary puzzle, it also has the main features of a simulation game. The main task for all players is to put all the objects outside into this trunk. However, each object has its designated position so you have to put it precisely there. Only when the outline color of the object matches the item's color will that spot be correct. Different objects have different shapes and sizes. All the objects are scattered on the floor at first. It's your job to start picking up the pieces one by one to put inside the trunk. The game challenges your arranging techniques with a variety of shapes and requirements.

The only method to win this game at friv 4 school is to put them into the different shapes of trunks. Also, choosing a proper settlement position will be incredibly helpful when there are too many items to arrange. Be creative with the way you put the items inside the truck. Rotate or slightly move them up one or two inches to make a difference in spaces. Can you come up with the smartest way of utilizing the space? We have more cool puzzle games like Links Puzzle and Tap On Bubble for you to share with your friends later!

Controls: Use the mouse to move and place the objects.