It's the third version of the famous io game for players from across the globe called 3! Have you heard of the other two versions of this fabulous game? It's a game with io theme where the players get to control their own piece of a colored cube and move around the place. Your goal is to spread and smear the paint color of yours all over the place. However, due to the small size of the cube, it will take a while.

You will need a decent strategy since you are not allowed to run or overlap on the old paint path. The map in this Friv io game is huge with lots of space for exploration. One of the most prominent features of io games is that you play alongside with the other players. With so many different movements on the same map, you will have to try harder to avoid getting caught.

The scores will be calculated based on the amount of space that you manage to cover in one turn. Survive for a long time and you will be able to spread more paint! There will be randomly popped-up obstacles in this new version that is different from the original ones.

At we have plenty of choices for skins and colors of the cube that can be purchased using your gained coins. Spend good time playing more io games like and Crazy Snakes which are free as well!

How to play:

Move the cube using the mouse.