Parking Path

Welcome to the online game Parking Path at Friv 4. In the game, you must try to park your cars in the designated spots. The subject of today's lesson is parking. On the screen in front of you will be a playing field with several cars on it. They will all be a different color. A short distance away, you will notice special parking spaces that are also color-coded. Your task is to place the cars in the appropriate locations based on their color. To accomplish this, you must draw driving routes for each vehicle with the mouse. Keep in mind that vehicles may encounter a variety of roadblocks. They should also avoid colliding with one another. Much fun!

The game has a lot of novelties, let's explore all of them. The game with vivid graphic design and great sound will make players excited. Let's explore some other games similar to Car Racerz.


Use a mouse or touch the screen!



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