Pepperoni Gone Wild

Let's test your ability to maneuver while being mid-air with Pepperoni Gone Wild, the new game from Friv fun games! Not only is this an interesting game with running escape side-scrolling theme but it also coordinates the setting of adventure arcade games that you usually find. There are more twists and amazingly designed graphics for your new experience at... The goal is to help the baker move through the path on his skateboard. He wants to create more flips and stunts while being on air or sliding down the slope.

You will be the one to assist him with these tasks. The first thing to do is to escape from the falling pepperoni from the sky, jump up to dodge the bottles. Do all of these yet at the same time, you still have to collect gold coin and avoid rushing into the obstacles. Whenever a slope or a hill shows up, it's your chance to gain some momentum and perform your best back and front flips.

The more creative moves you have, the higher your scores will be! Don't worry if you're new to this game, because there is a detailed tutorial for all players. Grasp the basics of the game and enjoy your time on the skateboard! Are you ready to go wild with more arcade games such as Amazing Park Reckless Roller Coaster 2019 and Vacation And Car?

Instructions: Click or tap on the screen to jump, rotate clockwise and vice verse to create front flips and backflips.




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