Perfect Cream

erfect Cream is a fun and sweet free online game that you can play here on friv com Games play. Imagine you have a delicious dessert right in front of you and you just have to make it better. What would you do? Exactly, add cream on top of it to make it perfect. No matter if it’s fruit, cupcakes or whatever you might think of, cream makes it better.

That’s why this game is as fun and challenging as satisfying and relaxing. Watching the whipped cream run down that tube and fall on different types of food with all its sweetness and sponginess is just breathtaking. Try not to waste any of it and earn money for every piece you make. Much time!

Join your friends now to join the game to be able to control the funny jokes with unique sounds. What do you think if you allow yourself to experience some other similar entertainment games like Reversi at