Pirate Zombie Defence

Welcome to the world of Pirate Zombie Defence! This Friv arcade game is a fascinating combination of both strategy and combat technique. To survive the attack of enemies, you will have to build your own line of defense, using pirate zombies only! The main tasks include coming up with a decent plan, putting the characters to different areas and waiting for combat. Make sure that you carefully place your guards, archers and other soldiers before the attack waves begin, or else your tower will be left unprotected.

Another reminder for newbies is that there is a limitation on the amount of money you can spend for one turn. It's best if you can pick the most efficient soldiers for your plan. Once you run out of money, you can't choose more soldiers. Then, just choose the soldiers one by one and pick it to different ways to defend yourself against the herds of enemies and zombies. Your score is recorded based on the last level that you can reach. The collection at friv games unblocked consists of hundreds of levels that you can freely check out during your free time.

The high-quality graphic design with a cartoony drawing style will bring more amazing gaming experience for the players. Don't forget that other than this, arcade games are updated daily such as Left 4 Dead and Dead Samurai ! Check out the list on a daily basis so as not to miss out these cool games.

Controls: Use the mouse to choose and place the characters.