Pony Beauty

Our princess's birthday is today. A pony pet is every little girl's birthday wish. Finally, our adorable birthday wish came true today. Through the window next to her, she noticed a flying gift box. Oh my goodness, what a shock. What's inside the box? To open, tap. You have no idea what's inside. It's a pony, a small pink pony. Our princess now has a pony as a pet. Have fun with Friv4!

Let us begin by assisting our princess in taking care of herself. Look forward to seeing you in Bear Hug Rainbow Pony Makeover... Product Specifications:

- A story about a magical pony to highlight your birthday wish

- Perfectly customize your dream pony

- Bathe your pony until she's sparkling and clean

- Give your pony a rainbow facelift.

- Dye your pony any skin color you want

- Dress up your pony in princess pet style

- Tons of fashion rainbow hairstyles for your pony

- Photo booth fun with your cute pony pet friend And much, much more! Come join us!

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Use the mouse to interact