Poppy Playtime Hidden Ghost

Poppy Playtime Hidden Ghost comes equipped Huggy, Kissy, or Mommy, as well as additional scary toys as from fan-favorite category, and although main characters in various images you will see, where they are not the central focus, but rather the souls hiding in them, as you're the one tasked with spotting all of them across a hidden objects game beyond anything this category have seen before.

The Friv 4 game has 8 levels, and in each there are eight shadows for you to consider by pressing the button on them, and keep in mind that you must find them all before your time limit expires, or you will start losing and have to restart from the outset. It's that simple, so now that you recognize what to do and how to do it, let the fun begin, and don't feel afraid to bring your friends along on the ride; they'll really like it here!

The gameplay is quite interesting, you will practice very well! Beautiful and colorful graphics. Intuitive interface. Easy controls. Do you find the game attractive? I believe you will love some other games like Brain Teasers : Avoid Crash