Robotion is a fun, entertaining and addictive game that you can play here on friv Games school. The game is slow paced and easy; however, it requires some quick thinking and clarity of mindset. The objective of the game is simple and all you must actually do is make a connection between two identical robots. 

There are multiple sets of robots on the board at one time and you must connect all of them without leaving any place on the board. You must keep in mind that all the area of the board is occupied and overlapping of connections is not allowed. It takes a while to get a hang of the game’s dynamics but once you understand it, progressing further is much easier.

If you just had to connect the robots, it would be a breeze. What if we told you that you have to get all three cog tokens in a single line, though? If you want to get a great score anyway, you will have to do plenty of head-scratching to make this happen. Ready to make sparks fly with this fun and quirky Robotion game?

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