Russian Drift Ride 3D

Russian Drift Ride 3D is the new gaming selection for the kids at Friv land with more than just a simple car drifting feature. It's also about the driving simulation game with one of the coolest set of the 3D game art animation for free! The first task is to pick your favorite from the diverse collection of cars in this game. Do you know that all the vehicles in this game are from Russia? This special theme means that those vehicles have more horsepower, better capacity, and amazing speed. The more races that you win, the more coins you have. Use those hard-earned coins wisely at the store at friv unblocked to purchase better equipment and boosters for your car.

Don't forget that during the race, your goal is to aim for the first position. This can be achieved only by overcoming all opponents on the tracks. You will have to drive and keep the balance of the car at the same time. It is hard for you to control this kind of cars already, but keep in mind that performing drifts and stunts are also part of the game. Choose suitable terrain to take advantage of the gravity and drift freely! Only the best racers and the daredevils can enjoy the best of the thrilling experience in this game! Check out other fun racing games such as  Traffic Car Revolt  and Hill Drift 3D to try out more car models!

Instructions: Drive the car using WASD or Arrow Keys. Mouse for interaction.